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GNTAC wishes to inform members of changes regarding access to, and use of facilities at
the Bottom Yumba. GNTAC has brought in a new policy to guide how the Yumba is
accessed and a fee structure for those wishing to use Yumba facilities for camping or events.

The policy applies to all Gunggari Native Title Holders, Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal
Corporation members, and others, and to all proposed activities whether they be:

– commercial;
– community-focused;
– cultural;
– personal nature; or
– any agreed upon activities

The changes have become necessary due to increased insurance costs and the insurance company’s requirement that GNTAC take steps to minimise loss and damage to Yumba property and assets. Unfortunately, this means that the Yumba gates will be locked while the office is unattended. Campers and others wishing to visit the Yumba will now have to give notice of intended visits and be required to pay for some activities and for using some of the facilities at the Yumba. GNTAC will charge fees on a user-pays basis, to cover the cost of electricity, water, rates and insurances.

The new Yumba Access and Fee Structure Policy and Yumba Registration form can be accessed in the highlighted attachment links below:

Policy – Access To and Use of Facilities at the Bottom Yumba – endorsed by GNTAC Board on 3rd June 2024 (1)

Yumba Registration Form, Terms and Conditions

The fee schedule is as follows:

For campers: A fee of $10 per person per night will apply to all campers aged 16 and over.
An extra fee of $5 per night per campsite will apply if using a powered site.

For persons or organisations conducting commercial or cultural activities: As a minimum, a fee of $10 per person per day/night. An extra fee of $5 will apply if using external power points.

For Gunggari day visitors not using the facilities: No charge

For non-Gunggari day visitors not using the facilities: No charge, unless they request a cultural tour.

The GNTAC or delegate will confirm the amount payable at the time of booking according to the schedule of fees.

Visitors will be required to post a bond of $100 per group which is refundable once all the facilities been inspected upon exit. Visitors will incur an additional cost if the facilities require repairs, maintenance or extensive cleaning. Bonds will be returned within 5 business days after the visit.

For more information and to book a visit to the Yumba for any of the above activities, please email the GNTAC office at or phone 0438996582