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Meet the Board

The Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising eight members. Directors are elected by the Gunggari membership in accordance with the terms of our Rule Book.  All Directors roles are voluntary and we do not receive sitting fees. 

Daen Munn
Co-chairperson (Male), Cultural Heritage (Male), Website, Newsletter and Media Director 
Reappointed October 2022

Daen Munn is the Chairperson of the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and is of Gunggari and Mandandanji descent. He is the son of Robert Munn, a Gunggari elder who initiated the current claim for the native title over Gunggari country.

Robert (Bob) was the son of Aunty Ethel Munn, whose mother was Minnie Jackson, daughter of Ada Clarke and William Henry Jackson. Daen grew up in Roma and Quilpie and has worked throughout the region. He is married with two children and lives in Toowoomba.

Daen is employed as a Cultural Heritage Officer for an Oil and Gas Company and leads a team undergoing Cultural Heritage surveys, assessments and reporting.

He has a security background working for the Queensland Government as a Custodial Correctional Officer and previously for a private company leading a security team.

Daen is on his third term of appointment on the GNTAC Board.

Margaret Finlay
Co-chairperson (Female)
Reappointed October 2022

Saraeva Mitchell
Appointed November 2020

Saraeva Mitchell is a Gunggari Woman and proudly identifies as such.

Saraeva has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities for the past thirty-five years in Aboriginal Health, Housing, Legal Service, Domestic and Family Violence as well in Local, State and Federal Governments. 

Saraeva holds Certificate Qualifications in Governance, Administration, Customer Service, Community Services, Health, Legal Studies and a Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family and Community Counselling.

Saraeva is committed to Caring for Country, protecting and enjoying our Native Title Rights, reconnecting our people and preserving and strengthening the cultural identity of the Gunggari Nation.  

Carol Finlay
Reappointed November 2020

Carol Finlay is a proud Gunggari woman connected through her mother, Joyce Finlay (nee Foster). Carol was raised and lived in Mitchell most of her life and is now a mother of 4 children and 1 granddaughter with partner, Barry.

Carol is currently working for the Department of Human Services/Centrelink, for now over 20 years and in the field of Indigenous Servicing. Carol had worked in Charleville before locating to Brisbane to continue working in the Department delivering services to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities. Carol has an immense passion to assist and work with her people and create change in the community.

Carol has previously worked in local government in Mitchell, working for the Booringa Shire Council (now Maranoa Regional Council) for 10 years and has experience in working with community organisations, Mitchell Aboriginal Housing Company and held positions on both Nalingu Aboriginal Corporation and Mitchell Aboriginal Housing Company Board.

Kathleen Kearns
Cultural Heritage (Female), Finance Support and HR Support
Appointed October 2022

Michelle Saunders
Website, Newsletter and Media Support
Reappointed November 2020

Michelle Saunders is a Gunggari woman who is a Director and was appointed as Website, Newsletter and Media Support for the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation. 

Ray Stanley
Human Resources
Appointed October 2022

Deena Dodd
Secretary Support
Appointed November 2020