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About Us

The Gunggari People were formally recognised as Native Title Holders on 22 June 2012 with a subsequent determination on 5 December 2014. The Gunggari traditional lands lie within the Maranoa Regional, Balonne and Murweh Shire Councils in western Queensland, covering about 37,100 sq km and centred on the Mitchell township, which forms the heartland of our people. Our Elders  say it is the ‘flow of water’ which defines our territorial boundaries, with the Maranoa River being central to our culture, knowledge and traditions, as are the watersheds of the Upper Nebine, Mungallala and Wallam Creeks, which feature strongly in the life histories of our ancestors.

Following the consent determinations, the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC was established to hold and manage our native title rights and interests over the determined areas. In addition, we have owned and managed 14 hectares of freehold land through the Gunggari Aboriginal Property Association since 2010. The Corporation is pivotal in progressing the broader interests of the Gunggari people in our dealings with stakeholders and in managing our cultural heritage.  On the 18th October 2018, the Gunggari Native Aboriginal Corporation (RNTBC) also became the registered Cultural Heritage Body for the two consent determinations and the current #4 claim.

Our Vision

Our vision is to honour our ancestors, reconnect our people and preserve and strengthen the cultural identity of the Gunggari nation.

Our Purpose

We strive to instil pride in leadership and healing to represent and empower our people, revitalise our culture, care for our country and protect and enjoy our native title rights.

Our Values

Nalingu – we are inclusive and work together

Respect – we honour past struggles and foster healing

Trust – we rely on and support each other

Transparency – we listen and share information

Cultural strength – we are connected and resilient