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AGM and Yumba Reunion

The Gunggari PBC marked two significant events earlier this month. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 1 October was followed by the Yumba Reunion on 2 October.

At the AGM, two Directors stepped down. We thank Sue Saunders and Jamie Frid for their time, dedication and service. The Board welcomed new Directors Maud Kearns and Ray Stanley.

The Yumba Reunion was a significant celebration attended by more than 100 Gunggari People and community members who came together to mark the following anniversaries and milestones:

  1. The 5-yearly coming together of our families who lived on, or whose ancestors lived on, the Mitchell Yumba prior to 1968 when the local council forced these families from their homes and removed them from the property;
  2. Our successful Consent Determination (CD) in Gunggari People #4 made in 2019.  The CD hearing was held in Brisbane because we already had two on-country determinations (Gunggari People #2 in Mitchell and Gunggari People #3 in Amby). This was our first opportunity (due to COVID) to celebrate on-country at the Mitchell Yumba, a property that we, the Gunggari People, were recognised to hold exclusive native title over in the 2019 determination; and
  3. 10-years of the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC being a registered native title body corporate.