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Newsletter – July 2022

Early morning, One Mile Creek



Welcome to this July edition of our newsletter.  Read on to find out what’s been happening on your Country.

Winter has well and truly arrived, with several frosts already settling over the Country.  How’s the weather where you are? 

In this issue:

  • Reconciliation Week activities
  • New signage at Tregole National Park, Morven
  • EOIs called for Cultural Heritage Survey Team
  • How’s the weather today?
  • Volunteer with GNTAC
  • Donate to GNTAC
  • Date Claimer: AGM & Community Celebrations


During National Reconciliation Week, the Morven State School invited the Gunggari community to come to the school and share culture and language.  Aunty Lynette Nixon, Sue Saunders, Leearna Saunders and Saraeva Mitchell travelled to Morven on 3 June 2022 where they taught the students language and song, including how to do the Hokey Pokey in Gunggari!  They also learnt about catching food, the importance of sharing, how to look after rivers, and how stone tools were made and used.  They danced to clapsticks and mimicked birds and animals.

Students, teachers and parents also took part in a Smoking Ceremony, then students unveiled a plaque for Acknowledgement of Country, which will be hung in a prominent place in the school.

The school is very keen to incorporate more Gunggari knowledge into the school program. 

“Our students were so engaged and have already asked when they will have another visit.” – Hayley Rolfe (Principal)

Saraeva talked to the students about Mundagutta the Rainbow Serpent and the importance of looking after Country.

Students unveiled this Acknowledgement of Country plaque


For the past several months, GNTAC has been working with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to update the signage at Tregole National Park, about 11 kilometres south of Morven.  Though it is a relatively small park, it packs in a lot of plant and animal diversity and Gunggari cultural heritage, including several water wells. These water wells form part of a large Songline where our mob travelled across Country for resources, trade, ceremony, and looking after Country.  The water wells sustained them on their journey.

Everyone is invited to attend unveiling of the new signage at the park on Wednesday 13th July at 10am. See invitation below.  If you can’t make it don’t worry, as we will be sharing photos and story of the day in the next newsletter. Here’s some more information about the park:


GNTAC is seeking EOIs from Gunggari people who would be keen to join the Cultural Heritage Survey team.    Please see document below for terms and conditions.  To register your interest or make enquiries, please email your response to

Cultural Heritage Inspectors & Monitors (Casual) – Varying rates of pay, plus Superannuation of 10.00%

Under s 25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld), it is a genuine occupational requirement of this position that it be filled by a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent

From time to time, the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (GNTAC) receives requests from external stakeholders to conduct cultural heritage surveys prior to their commencing capital works or other projects on Gunggari Country.

The Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is seeking Expressions of Interest from Gunggari people to be part of the GNTAC Cultural Heritage Survey Team to undertake cultural heritage site inspections and monitoring when required.

The ideal candidate will have strong cultural values, understand cultural protocols, and be of Gunggari descent.

Skills and Attributes

  • Understanding of, or ability to rapidly acquire an understanding of, the statutory and regulatory operating environment for Cultural Heritage and Mapping Standards.
  • Sound knowledge of, or ability to rapidly acquire knowledge of, how to identify and record Gunggari cultural heritage.
  • Work as part of a team to undertake training and field work for recording of cultural heritage
  • Strong communication skills with a wide range of
  • Broad administrative skills, including:
    • the ability to plan and coordinate meeting logistics;
    • manage records and develop basic records management systems; and
    • word processing
  • Ability to occasionally work irregular hours, including

Applicants must be willing to provide written evidence from a registered medical doctor of their fitness and ability to work for extended lengths of times in sometimes remote locations. A Position Description is attached below.

How to Apply

If you would like to join our team, please submit your Expression of Interest outlining how you meet the above skills and attributes to

POSITION DESCRIPTION – Cultural Heritage Inspectors and Monitors

Overview of the Position

The position is responsible for undertaking cultural heritage site inspections and monitoring, as well as assisting the Cultural Heritage Coordinator to develop and implement processes and documentation relating to Cultural Heritage management.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Undertake field trips on request with key stakeholders to monitor and assess development sites for cultural heritage
  2. Accurately record site data, audit pre-recorded information and provide reports to update the
  3. Work with the Cultural Heritage Coordinator to develop and implement processes and documentation to manage Gunggari cultural heritage, access to Country, compliance and sites
  4. Work in accordance with the Queensland Cultural Heritage Act 2003 including the Duty of Care
  5. Prepare written reports related to site
  6. Maintain business records.


Where the employee is required by a client and authorised by GNTAC to use their motor vehicle or are required by a client to be away from home overnight in the course of their duties, the employee is entitled to be reimbursed for the amount stipulated in any agreement GNTAC has with the client.

Please provide a copy of a current driver’s license (in colour and both front and back), and a copy of your vehicle’s car insurance certificate.

Inspectors are required to provide their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), meals and water unless these costs are covered as part of an agreement with GNTAC’s client. Please discuss with GNTAC if you are not in a position to provide your own PPE, meals and water.

Any equipment provided by GNTAC to fulfil your role (e.g., GPS recorders, cameras) must be returned to GNTAC at the end of each day’s field work in good working condition. 

How’s the Weather Today?

It is most likely that Gunggari people had several seasons; however, these have not been recorded or documented.


Cloud, clouds: Yugan Yoo-gun
Cloudy/be cloudy Yugani Yoo-gun-ee
Rain clouds Yugan darringarra Yoo-gun dar-rin-gar-rah


Cold: Yagal Yar-gul
I am, you are cold Ngiya, yinda yagal Nigh-ah, yin-dah yar-gul
Cold water Amu yagal Arm-oo yar-gul



The river or creek is all dry


Baru dandhi



Bar-oo darn-dee


It is foggy (fog is here)


Midarr yulungu



Mid-arr yoo-loon-goo

Flood, big water: Guyun Goo-yoon
There was a flood Guyun barala Goo-yoon bar-ah-la
When the flood was Guyun baralanga


Goo-yoon bar-ah-lun-gah
Hail (cold rain) Amu yagal


Arm-oo yar-gul

When it is hot


Balaina baralanga



Bah-lye-nah bar-ah-lun-gah

Lightning Mundanggarra


Rain: Amu Arm-oo
Appearance of rain Yugan Yoo-gun
It rained Yugan badila Yoo-gun bar-dil-ah
It looked like rain Yugan burana Yoo-gun boor-ah-nah
Big shower of rain Durrbuny Doorr-boon-ee
It is raining Amu wajana


Arm-oo wah-yah-nah
Rainbow Mundanggarra /

Murrangarra /

Ngurra ngurra




Noo-rah noo-rah


A storm is coming with rain

It is storming (a storm is here)


Darringarra Amu wagana

Darringarra yulungu



Dar-rin-gar-rah arm-oo wah-gah-nah

Summer Milgiri


Sun: Duru Doo-roo
Sunshine Durubari Doo-roo-bah-ree
To sit in the sun Durugu bindalgu Doo-roo-goo bin-dul-goo
The sun is shining on me Durunggu ngajuna wandana Door-ung-goo nar-yoo-nah won-dah-nah
Thunder Munngu


Wet season Amu baralanga (when it is raining / when the rain is) Arm-oo bar-ah-lun-gah
Wind: Yarrga Yarr-gah
The wind is blowing Yarrga mandana Yarr-gah marn-dun-ah
Away from the wind Yarrga mundu


Yarr-gah moon-doo
Winter Yagal


Nganinggara banda yulu?

How is the sky today? [How is the weather?]



Amu wadana      [It is raining].

Durunggu wandana      [The sun is shining].

Durunggu ngajuna wandana      [The sun is shining on me].

Darringarra Amu wagana      [A storm is coming].

Darringarra yulungu      [A storm is here].

Yarrga mandana      [The wind is blowing.]

Yarrgani duru      [It is a windy day].

Yarrga mandanadurgu      [Wind dust is blowing.]

Balaina      [Hot/it is hot].

Balaina duru      [It is a hot day].

Dandina      [Dry/it is dry].

Dandina duru      [It is a dry day].

Yugani      [Cloudy/it is cloudy].

Yugani duru      [It is a cloudy day].


Darringarra yulungu – It is storming (a storm is here)

Date Claimer: Come to the AGM and stay for the celebrations!

This year’s AGM will be held on Saturday 1st October.  All members are encouraged to attend to hear what GNTAC has been doing the past 12 months, and what is planned for the future.

On Sunday 2nd October, a Community Event will be held to celebrate our final native title determination in 2019.  Previously planned celebrations had to be postponed because of Covid, but now we’re going ahead with it.

It’s also 10 years since the Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation became the registered native title corportion for the Gunggari People.

More information on the AGM and Community Celebrations will be available in the coming weeks.  For now, put it in your diary and plan to be there!


The Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation relies on the hard work of volunteers to manage the Corporation and its business. Volunteers may be able to:

  • join committees or working groups;
  • help to plan and run events;
  • undertake administrative tasks; or
  • get involved with various projects. 

If you are a Gunggari person and you would like to offer your time, skills and experience to the Corporation, we invite you to fill out a form by going to this link:

The information you provide will be sent to the Board, so they can contact you when a suitable opportunity arises. 


Did you know that GNTAC is a not-for-profit organisation and is also a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)? This means that you can make tax-deductible donations to your own mob’s organisation.  For more information, call the office on 0439 204 986 or write to